About Me

I love things that sparkle, I love things that shine; I love good conversation over Italian red wine.
I love being happy, I hate being sad; mostly I’m good but sometime I’m bad.
I’m the queen of horror and I love a good scare; I’m obsessed with the colour and style of my hair.
I love blue boxes and interlocking C’s; I love drinking champagne and munching on cheese. I’m often found surfing and browsing Ebay; for kitsch vintage goodies, ‘cus I’m quirky that way!
I love Costa hot chocolate and Dairy Crunch bars; I love lying on the ground looking up at the stars.
I love to dance and throw some shapes; I once tried to sing, but we all make mistakes!
I like baking cakes; snacks sweets and pies; I love glitter make- up just for your eyes.
I love Christmas time; the sights and the smells; I love decorating trees and the sound of sleigh bells.
I wear lots of dresses; I own lots of shoes; I love when I win and hate when I lose.
I’m a total cat lover; though mine supreme; a cute ball of fur, she really got the cream.
I love chocolate milkshake; Café Nero’s my fav; I like to spend money but also to save.
So this is me; behind closed doors; use the menus above if you want to know more.

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