Six Things

OK, so I’ve not actually been tagged to do this, but I do love these so I’ve stolen this from loveaudrey (sorry and thanks).

Here are six things that have made me happy today:

1. It’s Friday and I have no plans for tonight other than making a yummy prawn stir fry and watching a week’s worth of big brother on catch up. Total chill out and mindless fun.
2. Having lunch with friends – even though I do now feel completely full and could do with a nap
3. Waking up this morning to find one of my cats lying next to my head purring really loudly
4. Selling things on ebay to make money for a spending spree – made £40 so far and got loads more to sell, including more than 10 pairs of shoes (anyone a size 3???)
5. Being bought a pain au chocolat for breakfast which I had with a cup of tea mmm mmm mmm
6. The fact that hopefully today my new watch should have arrived and be waiting for me when I get home (and hopefully not a red card saying I need to go to the post office to get it).

And…as these are so much fun, I tag sparkplugdewdrops, ohfabulous, cutiegingerbread and superficial girls….

As it’s the weekend, I’m hoping to make another video for You Tube at some point – if anyone has any requests for what they’d like to see let me know.

Hope you’re all having a great day and not too sad about the deaths of MJ and Miss Charlie’s Angel Farah x


What’s on my mind today…

I’m sitting here at the moment munching on my lunch having just had our designer up here giving me a lesson on how to produce documents according to our brand. I’ve just discovered the modern way of laying out documents is to only put on space after a full stop. I was taught to type putting two spaces after a full stop and am now contemplating how I’m going to train myself to change this. As you can see from this, I’m not having much luck!

The first of my ‘In the Spotlight’ series seemed to be well received, so I’m going to be posting the second of these either later today or tomorrow. The next will feature Nikki from the fantastic clothes raving website, so watch this space for that, and remember if you want to be featured, or want to nominate someone to be featured, please get in contact.

I’m quite happy because I just received a comment on how tanned I was looking – which is all thanks to my £8 niveasummer tone up investment. I have to say, I am so impressed with this and it comes highly recommended by me. Well worth the £8.

I’m hoping I’m going to receive a call from the MAC counter today as they get their deliveries on Thursdays and I asked them to call me if the studio fix pressed power in my colour comes in. No call yet though, so I’m starting to feel a bit disheartened.

I’m kind of disheartened by my bank balance too at the moment, especially as I keep seeing so many things I want to buy, and window shopping is becoming depressing. Lollipop26 posted a picture on her blog of a great top she’d just bought from Topshop which of course, I now want to own, and probably can’t – especially as I paid off my Topshop card yesterday – seems a shame to start abusing it again straight away…. help convince me I don’t need/want it.?????????

My very first in and out….

I’ve been reading a few people’s blogs and have been enjoying their In and Out blogs, so thought I’d do my own. Hope you enjoy.

Mac Blush – just a pinch…probably my favourite blush ever
Body Shop’s primer – I got this for £7.20 but it usually sells for £10 (yay for love your body card and 20% off all make up). I’ve never really used a primer before as they seemed a bit sticky but this makes my skin feel like silk (well not quite but you get the idea)

Mid Season Sales – bargains galore, and let’s face it we’re going to need those winter clothes pretty soon
Bagels – OK, so not exactly fashion or beauty but I just love them
Well fitting jeans – always ‘in’, and such a buzz when you find a great fitting pair
Dark hair
French Connection Clothes – though maybe not the prices

Maybelline dream matt mousse – I used to love this but it dries up in the pot if you don’t use it quickly and now I’ve tried MAC….need I say more??
Skinny jeans – OK so maybe I’m a bit jealous because I’m too thin for skinny jeans but I am a total bootleg advocate – they are just so flattering.
Hairdressers that don’t listen
Johnson’s Holiday Skin – mainly the smell put this on my out list
Primark – sorry guys, but I just hate it.

So there we have it – my first ‘in and out’ – it was actually much harder than I thought it would be, and I kind of felt bad putting things in the out list!

FF x

The soft, the bronze and the cellulite free???

If you’ve been reading my blogs you’ll know about my quest to banish cellulite. Well, I’m still having the massages, and was very pleased during my last massage when my beautician commented on how the appearance of my cellulite had improved.

The lastest fad I’m trying, I discovered purely by accident. I went on a mission to buy some of the dove gradual tanning type moisturiser, to use in combination with my L’oreal Nutrilift, when I saw what looked to be a wonder lotion. Under the name Nutrisummer tone up, this new L’oreal masterpiece claims to give 24 hour moisturising, add a gradual tan, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

I’ve been using for three days now. It’s a bit too soon to know whether or not it’s going to have a great impact on my cellulite, but my skin certainly does feel softer, and has a sort of glow to it. I’m fairly confident too it will help with the cellulite, as it contains caffeine which is well known for its firming qualities, and if not, there’s always the old ‘tanned skin looks firmer than pale skin’ trick.

The lotion is very thin and applies really easily and soaks into the skin well. It has no nasty smell like Johnson’s Holiday Skin, and is pretty much the good quality I’ve come to expect from L’oreal. I anticipate one tube lasting about a month, so with a price tag of around £8, that’s pretty reasonable – especially considering it does three things in one.

So far I’m loving this product. The only downside I’ve discovered, which is more to do with my application technique than the product itself is that one of my legs now appears to have more colour than the other – think I need to work on applying it more evenly.

As for the cellulite – keep watching this space for updates.

Nutrisummer Tone-Up for Fair Skin

Why a Blog?

I wanted to talk about my reasons for starting this blog. Mainly – I just love writing, I could write for hours and hours and have all these ideas in my head that need to at some point make it onto the page. I’ve written other blogs in the past, in a more columnist, opinionated way, but I felt too much like I was just moaning and focussing only on the negative.

I’ve had a go at the creative writing, which truth be told, was my main focus of writing for most of my life, having entered competitions, become a published poet. Thanks to the website I’ve already found an outlet for my poetry, and a forum for sharing tips and guidance with other writers.

However, I wanted something else, that I could use as a tool for sharing my personality, my interests and network with others who share the same interests. I’ve always loved fashion, clothes, shoes, accessories, make up, toiletries, perfumes etc.. and I love the youtube haul videos and make up videos made by the likes of gems maquilage, baileycait88 and the style diet (sorry if I’ve spelled your monika wrong), and of course the uber famous and quite glam lollipop26. I also love the blogs by the same, and others such as superficial girls ( and love lipstick and lime. I love the thought of discussing the things we love, recommending products, learning from others, and getting an insight into how people’s minds work. I’m not yet brave enough to try my own video, but I did feel inspired to start this blog.

One thing I did notice from the blogs that I currently read, is that the majority of people seem to be quite young, in their early to mid 20s, which is great, but now I’ve entered and have nearly completed a whole year of the what was dreaded but turning out to be great 30’s era of my life, I wanted something that was aimed a bit more at people my own age. So that is the reason I started this blog. I wanted something all encompassing that would appeal to the lucky make up lovers in their 20s, but also provide some interesting reading for those of us whose age now begins with a 3, and perhaps even older.

I have been accused of being vain and snobby by keeping this blog. Personally I don’t agree with this, and think that beauty bloggers I’ve read are far from vain or snobby but in fact are very open and accomodating.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy reading everyone else’s blogs and watching their movies, and as much as I enjoy writing this myself.

Oh, and incase you’re wondering why ‘feline fairy’ – basically I love fairies and I love cats…..

Addicted to clothes

So, I’ve just returned from town having temporarily fed my newly returned shopping addiction. A month or so ago I went through a phase of not being interested in shopping at all, and found my hard earned salary being spent on meals out and booking a city break to Brussels for July.

Yet, magazine propaganda and my recent discovery of You Tube haul videos has led me longing for the buzz of a new wardrobe and I’ve been abusing the plastic on things I don’t need, but certainly want.

Later on I’ll talk about what I’ve been buying, but first I want to answer the question sent to me by bail o hay about choosing an appropriate wedding dress for a civil ceremony.

Finding a dress to wear in your 30s is hard enough, anyway. It’s a difficult age – too old for the latest trends you buy in Topshop that you could so easily get away with in your 20s; yet not old enough for the shapeless styles of M&S and BHS. So undoubtedly finding something for your special day is no easy feat.

You want something that is more special than your usual occasion wear as after all this is your big day. If you don’t want to go for the traditional white/ivory long gowned dress, there are several options for you.

Why not try going for something vintage – perhaps in lace or silk – it will certainly be one of a kind, and different to what you would usually wear. You could dress it up with some diamond style jewellery and heels.

Or how about something a bit retro – from the 50s or 60s, where chiffon and frills were commonplace – again something different and unusual, but still maintaining the class and sophistication of a bridal attire.

Another option, and probably my favourite, it to buy a simple, classic and timeless cream based dress – either calf or ankle length, though not floor length, and dress it up with accessories. Gold, pearl or diamond based will bring out the richness of the cream, and give a chic look. Invest in a pair of shoes that you love to pull it all together, add a shawl for the evening and you’re set for the whole of your big day.

The best thing about this is that after the wedding, your dress doesn’t need to sit in your wardrobe gathering dust, but can be worn again. Substitute the accessories for some funky costume jewellery and some trendy shoes and you can wear again. If you’ve opted for the floor length dress, take along to a tailor (or if like me your mum is a dab hand with a sewing machine), and have it taken up to mini, or calf length and you’ve got a funky going out dress too!

The following dresses are good examples of what I mean…

This is going to be a very short, but time consuming blog, given that I am typing one handed after spraining my hand yesterday… washing my hair and applying my make up this morning has never been such a challenge.

I’m working on a few things at the moment. The first is responding to an email I’ve received from one of my followers, bailofhay, about what to wear for a wedding…

Hi Feline fairy.

I am having a small Civil Wedding ceremony with
just a few guests, and am looking for a suitable dress, the ceremony itself
will be informal and so will the reception.

I would still like to look my best on my big day, but don’t want to wear the traditional white
Meringue style of wedding dress.

The wedding will be in December so I was thinking of possible a Christmassy

Please help me find my perfect dress!

Bail O hay

So I’m doing a bit of research on that at the moment.

Secondly I’m trying to pull together an outfit for my summer ball at work this weekend. Have the dress as the base, and the killer shoes on their way to me. Now just looking for some amazing, drop-dead jewellery pieces to glam it all up!!

I’m thinking of maybe making a video blog later as typing is a real pain at the moment.

Finally, I’m going to buy and try out a bronzer, so watch this space for a review….

Woo Hooo….New Shoooooes…….

I’m so excited.

I’ve seen these shoes in Faith a few times – for about £95 but anyone who knows anything about me will know that as much as I love shoes – I love my bargains more, and would never even shell out £95 on a leather coat, much less some party shoes.

So imagine my delight when I saw these babies on ebay for £30 plus £5 postage…. within a few days they’ll be arriving on my doorstep.

My thanks go out to ebay seller polkadotsheffield for her excellent taste in shoes, and for selling them on ebay!!


So, I’ve just discovered what, in fashion and beauty terms, ‘a haul’ refers to. Basically, this is used in many YouTube videos when people show and discuss all the things they have recently bought.

No you may think this sounds lame, and totally pointless, which may be the case. But, all I can say is that I LOVE IT!!!!

I’m so nosey anyway, I love looking at what people have bought when they go shopping, along the lines of make up, clothes, shoes etc.. (the weekly trip to Tesco can be excluded from this). I first came across this on Lollipop26’s YouTube page, which I’ve just come across, but there are so many across the board. Mainly I have found from the US, so it would be good for a few more of us Brit ladies to post up a some of these.

Seeing what someone buys, and how they plan to wear it, their choices for buying it etc. What they like and don’t like really gives an insight into people’s lives, and can also be inspiring (though perhaps a little jealousy provoking too when you see the masses of purchases and wish you could afford for shopping to be a daily activity in your calendar too).

I now do feel truly inspired, and so watch this space for perhaps my own video of my ‘haul’ – filmed on my new Sony Cybershot 12 MP camera I bought last week!

Also today I’ve been thinking a lot about the earrings from Topshop that I was going to buy the other week but didn’t. They still have them, and for £7 I’m thinking I may get them on my way home either today or tomorrow. They’re really sweet and quite funky. A little bit tacky but in a way that just adds to their quirkiness. They’re so in with the whole nautical fashion at the moment, but also classic enough to be versatile for when fashions change!

I’m also on the look out for a big gold necklace and pair of gold shoes to wear to the Summer Ball on Saturday with a teal coloured dress…. I may have to bite the bullet and head away from my usual bargain lane and pay high street prices for something as Ebay seems to be letting me down at the moment!!

I am now trying to get my friend to partake in my first Ebay Challenge! Watch this space for an update.

I’m not one for internet fashion shopping unless it’s from a place I know well, so I know the sizes that fit, or it’s a total bargain from ebay, but the advert in Looks for looked intriguing so I thought I’d give it a go.

Logging on, the first thing I noticed was that the website looked somewhat like a low budget catalogue website, and the items for sale seemed random and the sizes were limited. I scanned for a while, saw a few things I liked but then found they didn’t stock it in my size.

As I searched, brand names were glaring at me, and it didn’t take long to work out that this website sells what must be old season, or bankrupt stock from designers or the high street.

The best way to navigate your way around, is to select a category, and then from the selectors on the left, select your size, and you will be shown with just the products they have in your size.

Oh My God, can you get some bargains, not least of which was a pair of Kurt Geiger shoes for £30!!! And with £4 postage in the UK there are no nasty surprises waiting for you. Just cheap shoes, clothes and accessories, with name tags like Diesel, FCUK and Miss Sixty.

Miss Sixty Tier Dress – In stores £115, website price: £36
Plus they appear to be having a buy one get one half price offer at the moment!!