Why a Blog?

I wanted to talk about my reasons for starting this blog. Mainly – I just love writing, I could write for hours and hours and have all these ideas in my head that need to at some point make it onto the page. I’ve written other blogs in the past, in a more columnist, opinionated way, but I felt too much like I was just moaning and focussing only on the negative.

I’ve had a go at the creative writing, which truth be told, was my main focus of writing for most of my life, having entered competitions, become a published poet. Thanks to the writerscafe.org website I’ve already found an outlet for my poetry, and a forum for sharing tips and guidance with other writers.

However, I wanted something else, that I could use as a tool for sharing my personality, my interests and network with others who share the same interests. I’ve always loved fashion, clothes, shoes, accessories, make up, toiletries, perfumes etc.. and I love the youtube haul videos and make up videos made by the likes of gems maquilage, baileycait88 and the style diet (sorry if I’ve spelled your monika wrong), and of course the uber famous and quite glam lollipop26. I also love the blogs by the same, and others such as superficial girls (http://superficialgirls.blogspot.com/) and love lipstick and lime. I love the thought of discussing the things we love, recommending products, learning from others, and getting an insight into how people’s minds work. I’m not yet brave enough to try my own video, but I did feel inspired to start this blog.

One thing I did notice from the blogs that I currently read, is that the majority of people seem to be quite young, in their early to mid 20s, which is great, but now I’ve entered and have nearly completed a whole year of the what was dreaded but turning out to be great 30’s era of my life, I wanted something that was aimed a bit more at people my own age. So that is the reason I started this blog. I wanted something all encompassing that would appeal to the lucky make up lovers in their 20s, but also provide some interesting reading for those of us whose age now begins with a 3, and perhaps even older.

I have been accused of being vain and snobby by keeping this blog. Personally I don’t agree with this, and think that beauty bloggers I’ve read are far from vain or snobby but in fact are very open and accomodating.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy reading everyone else’s blogs and watching their movies, and as much as I enjoy writing this myself.

Oh, and incase you’re wondering why ‘feline fairy’ – basically I love fairies and I love cats…..

One thought on “Why a Blog?

  1. Hey there – I love this post. The reasons you list for creating a blog are very similar to mine (I am also in my 30s, love to write and love makeup!). I look forward to reading more of your posts. Come visit mine and hopefully follow too! cheers. Michelle

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