My imaginary holiday wardrobe

Because in my imagination I have infinite supplies of money, a model-esque figure, cope well and can look glamorous in any temperature or situation, and find it so easy to spend the entire day walking around in 5 inch heels, I decided to put together my ideal holiday wardrobe.

In just three weeks I’ll be Eurostarring it across the Channel to Brussels for a much needed and highly anticipated city break in the trendy Flanders area – Brussels to be precise. I’m notorious for phoning people up the night before a holiday completely stressed because I can’t close my suitcase and then getting on holiday only to wear the same thing every day because I’ve not actually packed anything that matches.

Even though I plan to have a mini haul before the holiday to buy some nice new things to wear while I’m away, I’ll ultimately end up wearing the same things as usual, and won’t look anything like the travel-wise celebs that Heat and Reveal show looking cool and refreshed after a three hour train journey, and browsing the shops in foreign towns in heels and shorts.
But reality aside – I’ve been putting together my ideal holiday wardrobe, and here is it.
The first thing I found was the perfect evening dress. I’ve always wanted a DVF ever since I first set eyes on her classic wrap dresses, so imagine my excitement with the latest in maxi dresses from the selfsame icon.

Imagine the scene – a trendy bar (because of course money is no object, and I’m not worried about the poor exchange rate on sterling to Euros – after all, this is only fantasy), cocktail in one hand, Chanel clutch in another, immaculate make up, and 5 inch heels – maybe some heeled gladiator style Jimmy Choos…

Then for the day time – Brussels has no coast so it’s going to be city chic all the way. Even though, of course heel height has no bearing on my ability to walk and resist pain, I’ll opt for some gladiator flats this time in perhaps some sort of black leather/gold studded style, with Jeffrey Campbell to help me out….

And what would accompany these better than this Margo ditsy little number?

I’m already feeling cool just thinking about it. Sitting in a café on the side of the Grand Place watching the merriment, sipping on some wine as the hours roll by.

But oh….I need a bag…..don’t even get me started on bags!!!!