Thank goodness for pork mince!!

So last night I really fancied a burger, but not being able to eat red meat really puts pain to that one.  Then I noticed I had some pork mince in the freezer, so I thought, why not…can’t be that weird.  Turns out it’s not weird at all as when I scoured the internet for a recipe I found loads of them.  Even one by weight watchers, so it could be that I’ve discovered a healthy way of eating burgers (though I’ll probably have chips with them so that will no doubt counteract the goodness!).
It seems there are two primary ways of making pork burgers – one with coriander and one with paprika.  I’m not sure if the two will go together, but I’m going to go for the coriander version primarily because I know this goes well with chilli, and I really want to add some ground chilli flakes to the recipe.
I’ll pretty much guess at quantities as I go along, but so far the ingredients I’ve collated are:
Half a pack of pork mince (so around 175g)
One egg
A red onion
Black onion seeds
Dried coriander
Crushed chillies (in a grinder)
Salt and pepper
Turmeric and Cayenne pepper (just a tad)
Basically, there is no particular technique, just mix it all together in a bowl, form the patties then fry until you get the result you want.  I like medium-well done so fried for around 6 – 8 minutes each side, though turning frequently.   Stick in a bun and, if you’re me, top with cheese.  Mix some oregano and thyme into your ketchup if you want a truly awesome finish!!

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