Smells like Christmas…

I absolutely love Christmas – the lights, the smells, the sounds, the excitement – I swear even the air smells of Christmas.  My sister and I often can be found sniffing tinsel at this time of the year – not in a weird way, if that’s possible.  But it reminds us of when we were kids and my gran used to put tinsel on her tree.  Of course we’re way too 21st century cosmopolitan and put beads rather than tinsel on our trees, but nothing beats the memories of a good old fashioned 1984 Christmas!!

While I wait for Christmas to come, I’m also waiting for these little deers 😉 to arrive so I can start making Christmas cupcakes:
Sadly I’ve been ill for the past few weeks with Flu, and haven’t baked anything, or done, well anything really; aside from online shopping and watching lame made for TV movies on Xmas 24!!  At least I’ve done loads of my shopping already; and even bought myself a few little treats – things that are pink, sparkly or glam!!