Planning my Christmas table!

This year is the first year I’m the Christmas hostess.  Saturday night sees Christmas drinks with friends, and Christmas day sees my whole family coming over.  I’d never realised just how expensive Christmas food is before.  My mum usually hosts everyone and we pretty much just turn up, open presents and eat!  But this year, everyone is coming to ours; and one rule I live by is that no one should ever leave my house feeling hungry!

The drinks situation is pretty sorted as we usually have a selection of wines, beers and champagnes in the house anyway.  Just bought some port for my mum and some soft drinks for my sister.  Will probably get a few more spirits for drinks Saturday so we can make cocktails, but I feel pretty confident no one will be without a drink.

But the food is a different matter.  Some things I’ve been buying gradually each time I go shopping, like crisps, nibbles etc..  the Turkey crown is in the freezer (just need to remember to take it out a few days before), and veg we’re hoping will still be in stock on Sunday!  Everything else, I’ve decided to bake!  Mince pies – I’ve bought the pastry pre-rolled (it’s so much easier) and mincemeat premade but am thinking of adding some sort of spirit to the mincemeat – not sure what though.  Don’t want to buy brandy just for that, but would rum or whiskey work??

The other day I found an awesome recipe for a chocolate torte at which I tried out last weekend.  Success – probably one of the most amazing desserts I’ve ever had.  I’ve already bought the ingredients to make that again – providing I can keep my boyfriend from eating the eggs and chocolate!  Just need to get some hot chocolate sauce and cream for it.

I’m also considering trying these strawberry Santas, but not sure what to use for the eyes!strawbery santa

But what else….. I made some home made pretzels the other day which worked out well, so am thinking of making some of those too, and probably some puff pastry tart things.  Maybe some home made mint matchmaker style chocolates.  I feel an afternoon of surfing recipe websites coming up!  

Some people love baking.  I love eating, and I tend to bake because I love to eat…is that wrong??

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