Christmas Fizz

Last night we hosted the first of our Christmas events; Christmas fizz.  Four of our friends came over and we all drank some of the finest drinks known to mankind (as Withnail would proclaim).  The dress code was come in an outfit that you feel reflects the inner you.  There was a range of outfits, all equally as glam; from bow-ties to LBDs.  I embraced my inner eccentricity and dressed as a 1920s flapper in a gorgeous sequin and fringe dress.


As I’ve mentioned before, one rule I always live by is that no one should sit in my house feeling hungry or thirsty. So with a bottle of Etienne Dumont and a bottle of Piper Heidsieck in the fridge I set about making some snacks.  Some I did buy – some samosas and bhajis from the supermarket, but the rest I made.

Strawberries covered in melted dairy milk, puff pastry tart with caramelised onion chutney, pesto and tomato and oregano sauce:

buffet1 and home made mince pies – not sure if it worked that well as I’d not tried it before; and I personally don’t like mince pies so couldn’t taste; but I added a bit of Jack Daniels to the mincemeat.  I actually find mince pies had to make – they always seem to fall apart during the baking process.  However, icing sugar can hide a multitude of sins; and at Christmas, I just say the dusting of sugar is to create a snow effect….now that’s festive.buffet2 Finally, my favourite piece; these cute little strawberry snowmen.  Two of my favourite things, strawberries and icing….I used a cream cheese icing as it’s stiffer than butter icing, and added more vanilla essence than the recipe prescribed.  It tasted like ice cream!IMG_1022With Christmas day just two days away, I’ve got quite a bit of baking to do.  I’m not sure what I’ll be making – a chocolate torte is definitely on the list, and I definitely want to make some more santas.  I’m contemplating cup cakes too….

I may walk into the village tomorrow to pick up some ingredients.  It’s quite cold out, but that just means I get to wear my vintage fur hat! Yay for Christmas!

fur hat

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