It’s Christmas Eve Eve!!!

I can’t remember exactly why, but ever since we were kids my sister and I have called the day before Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve Eve!  Probably because we both love Christmas.  Only two days to go and I’m so excited I can barely sleep.  There are presents everywhere, I’ve done the pre-Christmas house clean food shop.  Today I need to iron (boo); a sad necessity if I want to wear something nice on the big day!  I also stupidly forgot to buy vanilla essence yesterday at Sainsburys, so, like the song says, it’s on with the boots back out in the snow (well rain)….BF keeps asking why don’t I drive….he’s clearly never been to the supermarket a few days before Christmas before!!!

But prior to that I wanted to post a quick picture of my breakfast.  It’s the first time in about 7 months I’ve made myself on of these; and I’d forgotten how good they were.  Egg toasties with oregano ketchup and a cup of Typhoo!!  Yum all the way!


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