Gold Nails – Umberto Gianni does it make the cut?

I hate not having painted nails.  I feel weird if I look down and see my boring flesh coloured nails.  For work I tend to stick to various shades of red, but outside of work I love to try out loads of different colours.  I always try and save all my boots points so I could buy myself some treats in the sale, and this year I bought this really cute little nail varnish set by Umberto Gianni for the bargain price of £6.  I would have thought it was reasonable at full price, but £6 for six colours and a mini emery board was just crazy!  And by a known brand such as Umberto Gianni!


The bottles are pretty decent sizes too – not sample size, but full size.  There were four gold type colours, two of which had a shimmer or sparkle.  A deep purple, and a black.

I chose the sparkliest gold colour to wear – called Oyster.  It is quite bright with a shimmer and looks very glitzy.


It went on relatively well for a shimmer nail varnish.  I do prefer block colour for applying, and quite like the thicker varnishes.  This was quite thin, but it covered relatively well.  I just did two coats and it gave the shimmer effect I wanted.  It was quite patchy in a few places though, so I think when I do it again I’d probably do another coat, or use one of the block golds as a base and do this over the top to give a more solid coverage.  Overall though, I quite like the effect it’s given.  I’d used the Barry M gold in the past and that was too thick for a shimmer varnish that is just looked ‘gloopy’.  These are definitely much better and I’m very pleased with them.

IMG_0101 IMG_0102 IMG_0103

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