I’m an animal…

My boss who I’ve worked with for over five years left his job today.  Last night we were all going for drinks at one of the bars on campus after work.  Given how closely we have worked together I had decided to give a speech.  However, during the day I had important meetings so had to still be business-like, yet wanted something that would also work for drinks and my speech.

I then rediscovered this leopard print shift dress in my wardrobe.  I bought it about two years ago from Marks and Spencer for around £45, and it somehow got stuck between two other dresses, and I had completely forgotten I owned it!  As soon as I saw it I thought it was perfect – smart enough for my meetings, but dressy enough to go from day to night.  I wore with my Jessica Simpson boots, which I’m completely obsessed with at the moment because they are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned, plus I always get comments on them.  I put on a black and gold necklace from Forever 21 to add a bit of bling, but kept the earrings subtle with small square black and white Topshop earrings.

Whilst I was really happy with my outfit, I don’t think it actually mattered that much in the end, as apparently after a few too many glasses of wine, I was struggling to put my coat on and people were noticing more the random conversations I was having, rather than my outfit….OOPS!!!  Still, it’s only once your boss leaves, and I was really sad about it.  I did suffer this morning though, and fortunately the interview panel I was meant to be on had been changed and so I had a leggings and ugg boots sitting at my desk hiding behind my computer day!

Thank heavens for the weekend 🙂


Dress: Marks and Spencer Boots: Jessica Simpson Necklace: Forever21 Earrings: Topshop

Dress: Marks and Spencer
Boots: Jessica Simpson
Necklace: Forever21
Earrings: Topshop

animaldress2 animaldress1


How much is that doggy in the window??? The one the black T shirt

My current addiction with Zara is not being helped by their incredible sale, and the fact that you can now buy things for about 20% of their original price!  I had a meeting in Oxford last week and on my way back to my car thought ‘I’ll just pop into Zara’.  It’s a great store there – all on one level and no stupid boys clothes taking up space 🙂

Anyway, 20 minutes and £3.98 later I come out with two T shirts both reduced from something like £14.99 to £1.99.  £1.99.  They can’t be making a profit on that – that’s cheaper than buying a hot chocolate in Starbucks!

One of the t shirts was this cute black t shirt with a dog face (which someone told me the type of dog, but I’ve forgotten – think it’s some sort of bulldog).  I’ve got quite into T shirts with patterns of late and instantly saw myself glamming round with black trousers, black boots in a semi biker/rock chic way.

I decided to go a bit radical yesterday and wear this for work.  I wore it with a blazer and scarf to try and smarten it up a bit, and put on my really colourful earrings to make it more quirky.  I did get asked if I was a hybrid dominatrix/rock chick a few times, but hey, I can live with that as I really loved the outfit, and it was so comfy.

Anyway – I guess this is a love or hate marmite type outfit, but see what you think yourselves.

Em x

T shirt: Zara Trousers: Oasis Boots: Jessica Simpson for Kurt Geiger

T shirt: Zara
Trousers: Oasis
Boots: Jessica Simpson for Kurt Geiger

T shirt: Zara Trousers: Oasis Boots: Jessica Simpson for Kurt Geiger Blazer: Zara Scarf: Jaeger

T shirt: Zara
Trousers: Oasis
Boots: Jessica Simpson for Kurt Geiger
Blazer: Zara
Scarf: Jaeger

dogshirt3 dogshirt4 dogshirt5

Working the skirt for work!

The older I get, the more I want my clothes to work for me for many occasions.  I want to be able to wear something I like in many ways, not only to get value for money, but because now I’m finding what suits me the most I want to stick to it, but to create lots of different looks around those styles.

I’m still feeling quite obsessed with the polka dot skirt I got from ASOS that I wore at the weekend, and really wanted to try this for work.  I didn’t have any external meetings today so wanted to wear this skirt (It’s too short for me to wear to external meetings), and wanted to see how it would dress up.

I wore it with a simple white blouse and black blazer to give it a smarter edge, and my leopard print Jessica Simpson/Kurt Geiger heels.  I loved the look (even though I was a bit cold).  I don’t think it would be smart enough for formal meetings, but for informal, or desk days I think it’s great, and I’m so pleased I bought this skirt.

I don’t own much in polka dot, only this and a red dress, but I’m now also thinking of buying some more.  ASOS are doing a 20% student discount at the moment which is really tempting me.

Skirt: Rare at ASOS Blazer: Jane Norman Blouse: Mango Bag: Vintage Shoes: Jessica Simpson for Kurt Geiger Hair: didn't have time to dry it properly today

Skirt: Rare at ASOS
Blazer: Jane Norman
Blouse: Mango
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Jessica Simpson for Kurt Geiger
Hair: didn’t have time to dry it properly today

Skirt: Rare at ASOS Blazer: Jane Norman Blouse: Mango Bag: Vintage Shoes: Jessica Simpson for Kurt Geiger

Skirt: Rare at ASOS
Blazer: Jane Norman
Blouse: Mango
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Jessica Simpson for Kurt Geiger

Shoes: Jessica Simpson for Kurt Geiger

Shoes: Jessica Simpson for Kurt Geiger?


Updo experimentation!

Since New Years Eve when I did a funky semi beehive ‘updo’, I’ve been experimenting with a few different styles of ‘updo’.  I bought a Topsy Tail recently and have been trying a few things with that.  I’ve managed to create a sort of cheat’s chignon, and have been working the beehive look a bit too.  Anyone who knows me will know I’m obsessed with my hair, and people are always asking me if I’ve been to the hairdresser because I never wear it the same way for two days and so when I wear it down, or curl it for example, it looks different.  Today was the first day I’ve worn it down and straightened it for ages, and people thought I’d had it cut!

Anyway, I wanted to share the ‘updo’s’ I’ve been playing around with.  Would be interesting to get feedback on what people think!

cheat's chignon (sort of)

cheat’s chignon (sort of)

topsy tail in reverse

topsy tail in reverse

semi beehive and twisted

semi beehive and twisted

semi beehive with ponytail

semi beehive with ponytail

Cheeky little OOTD

So, it’s not so much an OOTD more an OOTOD (outfit of the other day).  This is what i wore to my parents house at the weekend for lunch.  My sister told me I looked like Cindi Lauper, but I didn’t quite see it myself.

I’m really loving the skater style skirt and little top look at the moment, and geting lots of wear out of the Jessica Simpson boots my mu bought me for Christmas.  This makes use of one of the bargain tops I got from the Zara sale I posted in a previous posting.


Skirt: Rare at ASOS Top: Zara Boots: Jessica Simpson

Skirt: Rare at ASOS
Top: Zara
Boots: Jessica Simpson

Skirt: Rare at ASOS Top: Zara Boots: Jessica Simpson

Skirt: Rare at ASOS
Top: Zara
Boots: Jessica Simpson


Look of the day: big curls and blue

This is just a quick post – dedicated to my hair!!  I recently bought some of the TREsemme volume hair tongs.  They were really cheap – £19.99 in Superdrug, plus I got 10% student discount.  I already have some gas cartridge hair tongs which I love, but I really wanted these because they have a large barrel – I would say nearly twice as big as my Babyliss tongs.  This is designed to give big, volumous curls.  It is pretty good – comes with its own special mat, and is pink so matches my bedroom well 🙂  It has very high temperature settings (I’ve not even used the hottest, I think it may be too hot) and heats up really quickly – not as quick as GHDs, but still pretty quick.


Since using the Redken Shampoo I can’t stop touching my hair and so have been styling it quite a lot.  Today I did the big curls, and put on a blue top and a blue turban hat with red lipstick.  I really liked the look – it felt quite 70s glam!

bluehat1 bluehat2 bluehat3 bluehat4 bluehat5 bluehat6I used the Redken hairspray, or as they call it finishing spray for the first time on these curls.  It smelled lovely, but was quite hard to brush out afterwards.  I’m usually a fan of hairsprays that are easy to brush out, so think in the future I may only use the Redken if I am going to wash my hair at the end of the day.  The smell was so nice though, I did think it would be good to just freshen up hair if I ever need it.



Fierce Friday….Leopard print and big earrings!

I am so glad it’s Friday.  This has been a long week.  Work has been crazy, MBA assignments due and it seems ages until payday!!  Because I only had internal meetings today I decided to dress a bit funky in leopard print with some big earrings.

I’ve had this dress for ages, it’s from Zara and was a sale find around 3 years go for something awesome like £17.  I used to wear it all the time, but practically forgot I had it until I saw it peering out from next to another dress in my wardrobe.  I teamed it with some earrings I got for Christmas  that I’d not yet had the chance to wear, and wore with the Jessica Simpson boots my mum bought me for Christmas.

These boots are probably the comfiest boots I’ve ever worn.  They have a fur lining which can be folded down at the top for a different look, and the sole is sort of padded so it is so comfy to walk in them.

Zara Leopard Print dress  Jessica Simpson Boots

Zara Leopard Print dress
Jessica Simpson Boots

Funky earrings

Funky earrings

Loving my hair with the Redken Shampoo

Loving my hair with the Redken Shampoo

I also went for red lips to match the sort of glam effect of the dress too.  I used Mac Dubonnet with a simple boots No 7 red lip liner.  Actually lasted most of the day!

Liebster Award!

I’m so excited, the fabulous Fahion Frenzy has nominated me for my first Liebster Award for my blog.  Thank you so much, this means so much to me.  When I started blogging I hoped people would like what I wrote, and I’m so happy to be part of this blogging community.


I’ve come across some really stylish and talented people through their blogs, and so to be recognised for my contribution is awesome!  If you’ve not yet checked out  Fahion Frenzy‘s blog you should, it’s great for ideas and inspiration.

If you don’t know what this award is, it is aimed at discovering new bloggers, and what I love about it is that it’s awarded by bloggers, the people who actually read what you write, and share your passion.  It has just a few rules.

1. Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
2. Answer the 11 questions provided by the person who nominated you
3. Nominate other bloggers with less than 1000 followers
4. Create a new set of 11 questions for your nominees to answer

11 things about me:

  1. I love cats
  2. I have unusually small thumbs
  3. My feet are tiny (size 2.5 UK)
  4. I love to write and have published a mini novel and poetry books on Amazon Kindle
  5. I get offended when I don’t get asked for ID when buying alcohol, even though I’m 35! (like to think I can still pass for 23).
  6. I love baking
  7. I keep all my shoes in special clear plastic shoe boxes
  8. I have over 40 pairs of shoes
  9. I have a drawer dedicated to things for my hair
  10. I’m in my final year studying for an MBA which I’ve been doing for the past three years while working full time
  11. Sometimes BF and I get dressed up in black tie and have casino nights just the two of us in our living room (online casino)!

My answers to Fashion Frenzy’s questions:

1)   Why do you blog?

I blog because I love to write, and love to read other people’s blogs. I love talking about clothes, beauty and fashion with others and this is a great way to do that with a much wider circle of people.

2)   What is a movie that you could watch all day, every day on repeat?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s; and not a movie, but I could sit through hours of Buffy repeats!

3)   What are 3 things you like about yourself?

The fact that I am generally a happy person, my drive and ambition to get through my MBA and my generosity (is it wrong I found that question hard to answer)

4)   What is one makeup disaster that you hate?

Looking in the mirror at 4pm and seeing my mascara has run and my foundation has gone; but what is worse is that no one tells me and I can be walking around for ages with black eyes!

5)   Who is you biggest role model in your life and why?

I have role models for different things.  I love my dad’s easy going attitude yet his ability to work hard.  I love my sister’s ability to make people like her.  I admire people like JK Rowling for creating a new world and being successful at it.  I admire Margaret Thatcher for doing what she thought was right, I admire people who become successful in the face of adversity.

6)   Flats or heels? And why?

Heels – partly because I’m only 5′ and they make me taller, but partly because I don’t feel smart if I’m wearing flats.

7)   What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

I very rarely have any spare time as I’m usually working or studying, but I love baking which I try and do whenever I can.  I also love reading when I can, though to be honest I’ve not read a book about non-business subjects for a while!

8)   What is one item of clothing that you couldn’t live without?

My black blazer – it goes with so much, for work, for going out or for casual. It’s really comfortable, a jersey sort of material, a nice fitted style and I love it.  I think it may be getting a bit worn out but there is no way I’m throwing it out.

9)   What is your favorite thing in your closet?

That changes all the time.  Right now it’s a Vivienne Westwood orb necklace I got for Christmas.  I’ve worn it loads since getting it. It was a real surprise and I love it.

10) Best thing you’ve done for someone and the best thing that someone done for you?

I saved someone’s life last year.  I was at an awards ceremony for the Open Uni where I’m a studying and there was an elderly emeritus professor there. I found him coming out of the bathroom covered in blood. He had fallen over and smashed his head open.  I went into immediate boss mode, started ordering the hotel staff to call an ambulance etc… I did a bit of first aid and apparently I did the right thing and stopped the bleeding.  Plus I kept him talking to keep him awake.  It was pretty scary!
For me, the best thing someone has done for me is when my BF built me bespoke wardrobes and a cupboard designed especially to house 40 pairs of shoes, all to my design 🙂

11) What is your favorite print to wear?

Animal print definitely – but it has to be right.  Done well it can look great, but done badly it just looks tacky!

I now nominate:

Not Central Fashion

Dolls House Blog

Jordans Beautiful Life

High heels and high notes

My questions to you are:

1. Where do you best like to shop?

2. What is the most important factor to you when getting dressed in the morning?

3. What inspirational quote best sums up you?

4. Crop trousers – get ready for the spring or falling back in time?

5. What actress would play you in the movie of your life?

6. Why did you start your blog?

7. How would you like your blog to develop in 2014?

8. Perfect evening?

9. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

10. What do you think is the biggest fashion faux-pas?

11. What trend would you like to see come back into fashion?

Look forward to reading your answers and thanks once again  Fahion Frenzy.

Redken Allsoft, sweet nectar to my hair

I am one of those people that is never happy with her hair.  When it’s long I want it short, when it’s short I want it long.  When it’s brown I want it red, when it’s red I want it brown.  I feel like I’m on a constant quest to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner that makes my hair feel soft, shiny, silky and quite frankly decadent.  You know the kind of hair you had as a kid even though your mum used supermarket cheap shampoo and had to wash your hair over the bath with one of those rings to stop it getting in your eyes!

I’ve been colouring my hair for years now.  According to hairdressers my natural colour is dark blonde, polite people say mousey and the less polite people just say ginger!  Whatever it was, it is now mixed with strands of grey and I know that there is no going back.  I try and have the colour matched as closely as possible, but all the years have left my hair feeling, well, wrong.

When I come out of the hairdresser after an appointment my hair feels beautiful.  Then I wash it the next day and it’s back to normal.  Dry, lifeless and by the end of the day feeling heavy and dull.

I’ve tried many shampoos, some cheap, some expensive; usually finding one I’m happy with for a while; but before long I’m finding it’s lost the appeal and once again I’m not happy with my hair.

So I decided to give Redken Allsoft a try.  I used it about 10 years ago, and remember being relatively pleased.  I can’t remember why I stopped using it, probably because I got attracted by another, or possibly the price as it isn’t cheap.  Anyway, I recall having fond memories and so decided to give it a go again, especially after seeing a gift set on feelunique for the bizarre bargain price of £18.37.

For this you got a 300ml bottle of shampoo, a 250ml bottle of conditioner and a 75ml bottle of finishing spray.   To buy these individually you would be looking close to £30.  One thing that instantly struck me was that they make the shampoo bottle bigger than the conditioner which is great.  So many brands make them the same size, but let’s face it we pretty much use more shampoo than conditioner so it makes sense to give you more shampoo!


Delivery was really fast, especially given it is free.  I ordered on the Thursday and it arrived on Monday.  I love opening parcels anyway, and this was so exciting as it was packaged so nicely.    hair1


The box the set was in was pretty glitzy, I guess it had been brought out for Christmas, though wasn’t ‘festive’.  It looked quite glam and made me excited about what was inside.

I’ve not used the hairspray yet, but used the shampoo and conditioner for the first time yesterday.  The experience of using them was lovely.  Both contain Argan oil and had that sort of Moroccan smell to them, and the shampoo lathered up really well into a nice foam.  One thing I hate about shampoos is when they don’t lather well.  When that happens I keep putting on more and more until I get a lather, and end up wasting half the bottle.  This however foamed so easily and quickly.  The conditioner to be honest felt like any other conditioner, but after rinsing it off, my hair actually squeaked!  I don’t think it’s done that since I was a kid.  It was like having a little mouse in the shower!  I love that clean squeak.

One of my past hairdressers told me you can tell the condition of your hair by how quickly it dries.  Apparently natural hair in good condition should dry quickly.  When hair takes a while to dry it’s because it’s coated with various bits of crap.  For example, apparently some shampoos coat each hair in silicone which gives them their shine and smoothness; but it takes ages to dry.  Well, my hair certainly seemed to dry more quickly than usual (I often leave my hair to air dry if I wash it at the end of the day).  I think within one hour it was practically dry.  It did go a bit frizzy and I brushed it a few times while drying which was one bad thing, but other than that, it dried so soft.

And was I pleased?  I certainly was.  My hair feels so light now, it’s really soft and quite healthy looking.  You know when you move it it just falls back down and has its own natural movement.

hair6So, that’s me content – for now at least.  Not sure what I’ll think when I have to pay full price for it!


Marvellous Miss Maddie…the smart, fashionable cat

This post is all about my cat Miss Maddie.  Not only is Miss Maddie truly beautiful and fashionable, but she is also super smart.  She is always busy working away on the computer, and often ‘helps’ me with my MBA work.  I think when I graduate it would be only fair to take her along to the ceremony to collect the certificate with me.

Miss Maddie loves luxury, and looks the lady of the manor in this real fur stole.

Miss Maddie loves luxury, and looks the lady of the manor in this real fur stole.

Miss Maddie decided the fur stole was also a great look for our niece's christening.  What a glamourPUSS

Miss Maddie decided the fur stole was also a great look for our niece’s christening. What a glamourPUSS

Miss Maddie hard at work on her dissertation.

Miss Maddie hard at work on her dissertation.

Miss Maddie doing a bit of online shopping.

Miss Maddie doing a bit of online shopping.

Miss Maddie 'helping' me write my assignment

Miss Maddie ‘helping’ me write my assignment