So long 2013….you were a good friend. OOTD and reflections.

So, 2013 is over.  At the beginning of each year I set out a list of things I’d like to do or achieve in the coming year – sort of like resolutions, but more of a wish-list.  I can’t quite remember what I wanted to achieve in 2013, but I certainly feel like I achieved a lot in 2013.

The year started out like any other, slightly dull, feeling lethargic from the over indulgence of Christmas, and a bit of regret that another year of my life had passed and I was still in no better a position than I was the year before.  But a few months in, and everything started to happen.  First, we sold our house and bought our dream home in the loveliest street in the world and, whilst it’s going to take a long time to decorate it to our tastes, I’m loving every second of living here!  Then, I found out I’d won an award for my MBA for the PG Diploma part – student of the year for being the highest academic achiever in 2012…I got to go to an awards ceremony in London to get my award and stayed in a beautiful hotel.  Then my niece was born, and on first seeing her I fell completely in love with her and became the most gushing aunt ever.  Then I turned 35 and had a great birthday, then we had the best halloween ever, with over 100 kids coming to our house to trick or treat.  Then Christmas in our new home being the hosts for the first time.

Of course there were the downs too – having proper flu and being ill for weeks wasn’t pleasant, sitting the hardest exam of my life for my MBA, few stresses at work, but in the main I think the good by far outweighed the bad.

I think I bought or were given more than 10 pairs of shoes or boots (in fact I know I was) over the year, got a rolex watch which I got to spend a day in London visiting boutiques to pick out, mastered baking, and got back into writing by way of this blog.

For 2014, my list of things I want to do includes finishing and passing my MBA, filling my ‘shoe fund’ money box with enough money to buy some Louboutins, get more of the house done, stick to a strict routine with my swimming (at least twice a week, EVERY week), go back to Paris and entertain more.

But I start 2014 with a bad headache after too much Fizz last night.  My last day of 2013 was pretty good, and I’ve decided to post my first OOTD(s).

I had booked a massage for the afternoon – a deep tissue massage, the kind that hurts but in a nice way and you can feel your muscles relaxing and your shoulders sinking from their tight hunched position.  After that I was meeting BF for a late lunch/very early dinner in a local pub.  I wore a really casual outfit for this, one that was easy to remove for the massage but still chic enough for lunch.  I wore my favourite jeans with an animal print T shirt, and though you can’t see in the photo I put uggs on to go out.  What makes these jeans my favourite is that normally they are bootcut, which is the most flattering style for my traditional pear shape, but they are tight enough to put uggs on over the top to pop out.


Jeans: River Island
Top: Topshop

After my relaxing afternoon, I had a few hours to relax before getting ready for our NYE drinks.  It wasn’t anything big, just a few bottles of fizz, some nibbles, music and watching the fireworks on TV….plus the concert I decided to put on after 5 glasses of fizz….but the less said about that the better.

I decided to go for a 60s look for the evening in the end.  I’d bought a gold sequin top from French Connection ages ago and never got round to wearing it.  I teemed it with skinny black jeans which I turned up at the bottoms – I find skinny jeans make me look out of proportion and I need something at the bottom to balance out my shape as I’m curvy around the hips (traditional pear).  I wore my new pony skin courts I got for Xmas and some chandelier earrings.


Jeans: Miss Selfridge
Top: French Connection
Shoes: Jessica Simpson for Kurt Geiger
Earrings: Debenhams
Fizz: Laurent Perrier

For my make up, I put on some false lashes to give emphasis to my eyes, contoured with bronzer and went full on with bright red lips.


Foundation: Boots No 7 (think it’s called protect and perfect)
Eyes: Boots No 7 eye pencil, random falsies, Boots own glue
Cheeks: L’occitaine bronzer
Lips: Liner – Boots No 7 liner with Mac lipstick in Dubbonet

For my hair, I did a sort of semi-beehive on the top sweeping the bottom over one shoulder and curling the ends.  I swept my fringe over and secured with numerous kirby grips and hairspray!  I really loved this look, I felt so glam, but comfortable, chic and relaxed at the same time.


And for good measure, a picture of my cosy living room.


Happy New Year…I hope 2014 is full of glitz, glam, fizz, shoes and awesomeness!!

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