Quick OOTD

So, I’ve been working my way up to asking BF to photograph my outfits…but this morning he saw me reading a blog while eating my pancakes and asked me ‘so does that mean some poor bloke has to take photos of his girlfriend in her outfits’……to which I smiled and said ‘it’s wonderful what some people will do for love’.  So watch this space 😉

Until then, I managed to take another rather blurred uncomfortable looking selfie, with my cat sitting there staring at me as if I was crazy.  But I really wanted to share my outfit as I’m wearing a new blue blazer I bought in the sale for the bargain price of £20 from Topshop.  The necklace as a Christmas present from my friend – it’s sort of a wrap around necklace – one long chain.

I love blazers and had wanted a new one so couldn’t resist when I saw this cute blue one in the sale.  Yet when I got home I wasn’t quite sure what it would go with, other than jeans.  So I spent last night Googling outfits with a blue blazer, and came across a few where they had used a white top and black trousers as a base.  As I don’t have any (well fitting) black trousers, I went for a simple pencil skirt, but I do quite like the outfit, and feel quite smart.

photo 2

Blazer – Topshop
White blouse – Mango
Skirt – Oasis
Necklace – gift
Earrings – vintage
Shoes – vintage

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