Can’t believe I’m posting this… Testing out Superdrug control tights!!!

I remember when I was in my twenties and I was firm, toned and had a figure that was to be honest probably to much skin and bones.  But the further I get into my thirties I’m finding things are starting to stick out where perhaps they shouldn’t, or at least I don’t want them to, and all the MBA work and job mean my wine consumption has increased somewhat, and my exercise regime is at best ad hoc!

I used to be able to wear the tightest dress and look amazing, but now, perhaps it’s more a feeling than a look but I feel self conscious and well, bumpy!  And the January post-Christmas weight is making me feel sluggish.

So I bought some control tights, from Superdrug of all places.  Mainly because I happened to be in there and saw them.  I have a pair of those big knicker-thingies Bridget Jones used to have, but mainly because there are just some clothes that just need that seam-free, smooth underneath or they show the thread on even the most non-frilly underwear, but they are pretty big and not glamorous.  I was kind of looking for the same thing from a pair of tights, but with the added bit of control for the post-Christmas squeeze.


They cost around £5 for one pair of 40 denier opaque tights, with the claim that they provide support for your bum, tum and thighs.

Firstly, as a pair of tights they were great – warm, comfortable, no sagging, nice shine to them, secure around the toes (where I seem to always rip tights), non-itchy and worth the money (seeing as they don’t cost much more than a standard opaque 40 denier pair from M&S).

As for the support, now I’m not brave enough to post up photos of the before, but have managed to get some sufficiently blurred images of the ‘after’ so you can see for yourselves.  The main area I wanted the ‘support’ was around my hips and thighs.  I tend to bulk out around there as I’m a traditional pear, and it is around that area where VPLs become a problem.  I think they went some way to doing what they said on the tin:






My dress looked much better than without the tights, and my confidence was definitely improved.

Where I found they weren’t as good as I would have hoped was around the stomach.  They seemed to offer most support around the waist, and really pulled my waist in, which isn’t something I need, and by the end of the day they were starting to hurt a bit around my waist.  That said, it wasn’t in a way that splits you if you know what I mean – I think if you were looking for support around your stomach area they would offer it as they weren’t only tight around the waistband, but the whole stomach area.  It felt to me as if they were trying to pull in something that wasn’t there.  Yet around the thighs where I most wanted it to try and control my pear, they felt fine, like they were ‘supporting’ rather than too tight.

I would give these an 8/10 and would definitely buy more – even better with the 10% NUS discount you get, and the fact that they often do offers such as 3 for 2.

I now feel quite embarrassed at posting these photos and writing what I try to keep hidden, and am kind of hoping no one I know reads this, but hey ho, we can’t all have model like figures, and I’m sure most others of you in your 30s will agree with me, that we can’t have our 27 year old figure forever!

Now…where’s the wine 🙂

4 thoughts on “Can’t believe I’m posting this… Testing out Superdrug control tights!!!

  1. Ummm you look amazing! I want your legs! 🙂 Yay for being brave I might have to venture out and find some of these. Loving the results. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Really appreciate it 🙂

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