Redken Allsoft, sweet nectar to my hair

I am one of those people that is never happy with her hair.  When it’s long I want it short, when it’s short I want it long.  When it’s brown I want it red, when it’s red I want it brown.  I feel like I’m on a constant quest to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner that makes my hair feel soft, shiny, silky and quite frankly decadent.  You know the kind of hair you had as a kid even though your mum used supermarket cheap shampoo and had to wash your hair over the bath with one of those rings to stop it getting in your eyes!

I’ve been colouring my hair for years now.  According to hairdressers my natural colour is dark blonde, polite people say mousey and the less polite people just say ginger!  Whatever it was, it is now mixed with strands of grey and I know that there is no going back.  I try and have the colour matched as closely as possible, but all the years have left my hair feeling, well, wrong.

When I come out of the hairdresser after an appointment my hair feels beautiful.  Then I wash it the next day and it’s back to normal.  Dry, lifeless and by the end of the day feeling heavy and dull.

I’ve tried many shampoos, some cheap, some expensive; usually finding one I’m happy with for a while; but before long I’m finding it’s lost the appeal and once again I’m not happy with my hair.

So I decided to give Redken Allsoft a try.  I used it about 10 years ago, and remember being relatively pleased.  I can’t remember why I stopped using it, probably because I got attracted by another, or possibly the price as it isn’t cheap.  Anyway, I recall having fond memories and so decided to give it a go again, especially after seeing a gift set on feelunique for the bizarre bargain price of £18.37.

For this you got a 300ml bottle of shampoo, a 250ml bottle of conditioner and a 75ml bottle of finishing spray.   To buy these individually you would be looking close to £30.  One thing that instantly struck me was that they make the shampoo bottle bigger than the conditioner which is great.  So many brands make them the same size, but let’s face it we pretty much use more shampoo than conditioner so it makes sense to give you more shampoo!


Delivery was really fast, especially given it is free.  I ordered on the Thursday and it arrived on Monday.  I love opening parcels anyway, and this was so exciting as it was packaged so nicely.    hair1


The box the set was in was pretty glitzy, I guess it had been brought out for Christmas, though wasn’t ‘festive’.  It looked quite glam and made me excited about what was inside.

I’ve not used the hairspray yet, but used the shampoo and conditioner for the first time yesterday.  The experience of using them was lovely.  Both contain Argan oil and had that sort of Moroccan smell to them, and the shampoo lathered up really well into a nice foam.  One thing I hate about shampoos is when they don’t lather well.  When that happens I keep putting on more and more until I get a lather, and end up wasting half the bottle.  This however foamed so easily and quickly.  The conditioner to be honest felt like any other conditioner, but after rinsing it off, my hair actually squeaked!  I don’t think it’s done that since I was a kid.  It was like having a little mouse in the shower!  I love that clean squeak.

One of my past hairdressers told me you can tell the condition of your hair by how quickly it dries.  Apparently natural hair in good condition should dry quickly.  When hair takes a while to dry it’s because it’s coated with various bits of crap.  For example, apparently some shampoos coat each hair in silicone which gives them their shine and smoothness; but it takes ages to dry.  Well, my hair certainly seemed to dry more quickly than usual (I often leave my hair to air dry if I wash it at the end of the day).  I think within one hour it was practically dry.  It did go a bit frizzy and I brushed it a few times while drying which was one bad thing, but other than that, it dried so soft.

And was I pleased?  I certainly was.  My hair feels so light now, it’s really soft and quite healthy looking.  You know when you move it it just falls back down and has its own natural movement.

hair6So, that’s me content – for now at least.  Not sure what I’ll think when I have to pay full price for it!


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