Look of the day: big curls and blue

This is just a quick post – dedicated to my hair!!  I recently bought some of the TREsemme volume hair tongs.  They were really cheap – £19.99 in Superdrug, plus I got 10% student discount.  I already have some gas cartridge hair tongs which I love, but I really wanted these because they have a large barrel – I would say nearly twice as big as my Babyliss tongs.  This is designed to give big, volumous curls.  It is pretty good – comes with its own special mat, and is pink so matches my bedroom well 🙂  It has very high temperature settings (I’ve not even used the hottest, I think it may be too hot) and heats up really quickly – not as quick as GHDs, but still pretty quick.


Since using the Redken Shampoo I can’t stop touching my hair and so have been styling it quite a lot.  Today I did the big curls, and put on a blue top and a blue turban hat with red lipstick.  I really liked the look – it felt quite 70s glam!

bluehat1 bluehat2 bluehat3 bluehat4 bluehat5 bluehat6I used the Redken hairspray, or as they call it finishing spray for the first time on these curls.  It smelled lovely, but was quite hard to brush out afterwards.  I’m usually a fan of hairsprays that are easy to brush out, so think in the future I may only use the Redken if I am going to wash my hair at the end of the day.  The smell was so nice though, I did think it would be good to just freshen up hair if I ever need it.



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