Updo experimentation!

Since New Years Eve when I did a funky semi beehive ‘updo’, I’ve been experimenting with a few different styles of ‘updo’.  I bought a Topsy Tail recently and have been trying a few things with that.  I’ve managed to create a sort of cheat’s chignon, and have been working the beehive look a bit too.  Anyone who knows me will know I’m obsessed with my hair, and people are always asking me if I’ve been to the hairdresser because I never wear it the same way for two days and so when I wear it down, or curl it for example, it looks different.  Today was the first day I’ve worn it down and straightened it for ages, and people thought I’d had it cut!

Anyway, I wanted to share the ‘updo’s’ I’ve been playing around with.  Would be interesting to get feedback on what people think!

cheat's chignon (sort of)

cheat’s chignon (sort of)

topsy tail in reverse

topsy tail in reverse

semi beehive and twisted

semi beehive and twisted

semi beehive with ponytail

semi beehive with ponytail

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