Pluck my petal, Valentine…My Grabble challenge

Yesterday I had an email from the etailPR Blogger Network with a competition/challenge to put together an ASOS outfit inspired by valentines using a new tool.  Grabble is a bit like Pinterest, you use it to ‘grab’ an item of clothing you like and add it to collections.  The fun thing is that is says it will notify you if the items you’ve ‘grabbed’ get reduced in the sale.

I have often been inspired by the collection blog posts Fashion Frenzy puts together, and so thought it would be fun to not do any work yesterday afternoon, but spend the time hiding behind my computer putting together my own valentines inspired outfit.

I’ve called this collection, Pluck my petal, Valentine!  There were various elements of valentines I wanted to bring out….firstly, the flowers (perhaps in the hope I may get some from BF this year).  Flowers I think are symbolic of love, valentines and romance and so when I saw the floral bodice, I knew I wanted to create a naughty, cheeky outfit that hints at….play your cards right and those flowers you gave me earlier won’t be the only ones you’ll be seeing tonight.  At the same time, I wanted it to remain girly, chic and playful.  I thought the blue dress did this perfectly, and brought in pink accessories to echo the colours of the bodice, but also who can think of Valentines without thinking of pink??  The jewellery I thought brought an element of elegance to the outfit; despite your naughty intentions, you and BF could confidently eat in an expensive restaurant on valentines night.  The seamed stockings for me completed the whole look – classic and sophisticated, yet screaming….look at me look at me….


Click on the picture to go to my collection at

I love this outfit and really want it.  I know if I were to wear this on valentines, BF would be in for a treat 🙂

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