A taste of the tropics

It seems like ages since I last posted.  I’ve had a rotten cold, and although I’ve been dragging my tired body to work every day, I’ve looked and felt awful, and have gone for wearing the most comfortable things I could get away with for work.  Then as soon as I get home it’s been PJs and blanket chic!  I hate getting a cold anyway, but this one has seemed particularly rotten and I still feel the malaise.  Worst part though was just feeling down about myself, feeling unattractive and just generally gross.  Greasy hair, dry flushed skin, massive bags under my eyes, and you know the general ill look you get with a cold.

The other day was the first day I felt even remotely human and managed to even think about putting together an outfit and doing something with my hair other than scraping it back into a pony tail.

I bought this top in the Zara sale in January and hadn’t got round to wearing it yet.  I originally bought it to wear with jeans, but seeing as I was working I couldn’t get away with that, so decided to try it with leggings and my reliable Jessica Simpson boots.  I’m not sure if it was smart enough for work as when I met my friend for lunch he did ask me if I had the day off as I didn’t look like I was working, so maybe I won’t wear for work again, but I do love this top.  It reminds me a bit of the Hawaiian Tropic bottles from the 80s and 90s!

whitetop2 whitetop1

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