A bit of a rant…

I was going to post up an OOTD photo, but since replacing my Iphone with a Nokia Lumia my photos aren’t that great.  ‘They’ told me the camera on the Lumia was supposed to be one of the best around, but so far I’m not convinced.  I think I’m going to hunt out my old Sony Cybershot and start using that again, unless I can perfect my technique with the Lumia – problem there is since we moved 80% of our things are still unpacked in boxes in the loft.  Until then, look out for a few webcam pics 🙂

For today, these photos are stolen, and this post is a bit of a nonsensical rant!

Does anyone else on Twitter keep seeing tweets about a product called Garcinia Cambogia?  I keep getting them as retweets from people I follow.  When I feel I’m being ‘spammed’, or I feel offended by bad language or just plain stupid tweets, I usually ‘unfollow’ people, but this time I didn’t feel that was even enough.

The tweet that started my rant yesterday was a link to a page all about Garcinia Cambogia and how 98% of girls use it to lose weight for spring break, with the following picture:



My rantings start with the simple fact that the girl in the photograph on the left does not need to lose weight.  How many people do you know that would love to look like that.  You can tell from the photograph she is probably a teenager/early twenties – isn’t that the prime age people suffer from anorexia?  So why are we telling young girls with great figures they need to lose weight?

Secondly, the girl in the photo on the right (apparently the same girl after taking these wonder tablets) is, in my opinion, way to thin.  It cannot be healthy….and I’m not saying that out of jealousy or anything.  I used to be that thin.  When I was about 27 I had a bad period of anxiety and lost a bit of weight.  I was underweight anyway, but went down to 5 1/2 stone (about 77lb).  Even at only 5′ that was a low weight.  I picked up every bug going, felt so fragile, had bad skin and looked tired all the time.  I remember once when I was swimming someone asking me if I had an eating disorder because I was so thin.  People were worried about me, worried for my health.  I couldn’t find clothes to fit and I really looked like I would break.  Today, at 35, still 5′ tall I weigh 7 stone 12 (about 110lb) and am healthy, and I much prefer it.  I actually have a woman’s figure now, not a girls.

Furthermore, it’s not as though there isn’t enough pressure on young girls to have the ‘perfect figure’ anyway, with let’s face it, 90% of the women in the media being ‘beautiful’.  Even now at 35 I still see people on TV or in magazines and feel envy – though for me it’s mainly about the great condition of their hair or skin, but it is even now hard to see constant images of how we ‘should’ look in order to be beautiful.

Thirdly, this ‘magic pill’, Garcinia Cambogia isn’t actually that healthy.  It releases serotonin, which is the chemical in your brain that can affect your mood.  This can also affect appetite which is partly why it is claimed this can help weightloss.  However, anti-depressants, especially those in the SSRI family also release serotonin and prevent it from being reabsorbed into your body.  If you therefore take GC while on one of these anti-depressants you risk making yourself really ill from something called Serotonin Syndrome which is where your body releases too much serotonin.

This to me is also a little ironic, as, and I could be wrong, but I would think those suffering from depression or anxiety could be quite vulnerable and more at risk of falling for these sorts of adverts.

Which leads me to my fourth rant….the best way to lose weight is eat sensibly and exercise!  There are no quick wins, it’s about being healthy and sensible, people should be encouraged to eat fruit rather than chocolate or walk rather than drive if they want to lose weight, not rely on ‘herbal supplements’ that could be dangerous…

Especially when they don’t even need to lose weight in the first place!

Rant over!

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