The last few days

I am so glad it’s Friday; I’ve only been at work for three days this week, but it seems to have been a long week.  I’m quite behind on studying and have an assignment coming up so need to knuckle down; but at the moment after the cold I had last week, my main motivations are telling me to chill out and rest.  At least the red wine is helping me through the evenings pouring over books and articles, and Miss Maddie is trying her hardest to help me as you will see.

I did some baking on my days off, I tried out two marshmallow fluff recipes, one using melted marshmallows and syrup and one from scratch using egg whites.  Both tasted awesome, but aren’t quite what I was wanting.  I think my candy thermometer isn’t working properly and I always have trouble converting measurements from US cups into imperial or even metric!  I’m going to take a trip to Lakeland tomorrow to see if they sell measuring cups so I won’t need to bother with the conversions anymore, and I think a digital thermometer is the way forward!

I’ve been wearing some nice dresses this week, and I bagged myself a cute little cream blazer that I happened upon when walking through H&M the other day on offer for £15.  Sadly I forgot to check the label (assuming as H&M clothes are so cheap they must all be machine washable)  and it’s dry clean only so soon I’ll have another item to add to the ever increasing pile of clothes I need to get round to taking to the dry cleaners.

I decided to wear the blazer today, and have styled it with one of my favourite (very old and getting a bit shabby) Zara animal print tunic dresses, my favourite boots (as it’s still cold) and a big gold necklace.  I put my hair in a high up messy bun to try not to look too ‘mumsy’.  Fortunately (for the first time in ages) it’s not raining here and so I managed to get away without having to wear a coat over the top (despite the cold!) which I was pleased about as I always feel weird wearing a blazer under a coat!

I’ve had lots of compliments about my outfit today, and also about the cakes and fluff I brought into the office for everyone to sample.  In fact, I think a post-lunch snack may be due 🙂








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